Back to Underland

Walk with me to a place called Underland.

It is a place where you can see what can't be seen
And you can hear what can't be heard, too.

It is made of dust that got brushed off the desk one day, 
of sad memories buried in yellowed pages,
and perhaps of dried tears and cold sweats
that you thought you felt in the dark of the night.

What do you see?
Did you hear the noise?

Come walk with me to a place called Underland.


dive 72dpi.jpg

This was a long time ago, but one of the mentors back at RISD would always tell us about a metaphor. He urged us to live in the space and time between the plank and the water, always searching for the truth, our purpose, or anything you wish to call it. Making this spot brought the mantra closer to my heart.

Recently I started taking swim lessons again. Well, I started doing many things that help me feel more actively engaged with myself. But I realize I haven't been asking self-reflective questions such as "Am I still living in that space between the plank and the water? Am I making sure that I am the master of decisions that I make everyday, or am I simply choosing to go with a flow without careful consideration?"

It is a good question to keep in mind.